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Veronika J. Hill, LCE
  Veronika J. Hill is the founder and CEO of Skinucations.

With more than 25 years of experience, she is the leading authority on the topic & application of corrective skincare. As a licensed clinical Esthetician she identifies the importance of imparting the ever-evolving knowledge to skincare professionals and students across the country.

While attending Al Tate Beauty college in Pasadena, CA, Veronika was introduced to the world of aesthetics. That’s when she recognized her unique interest in beauty and skincare. She continued her education by attending and graduating from the world renowned "International Dermal Institute" and "The American Institute of Aesthetics" located in Marina Del Rey, CA. After completing a one year internship at "The Body Clinic" in California, Veronika relocated to Atlanta, GA. “Education is as education does”. Veronika pursues higher learning by attending training seminars, workshops and events.

Veronika’s unshakeable allegiance is to comprehensive customer service and simplistic education in corrective skincare. This knowledge is available through offering educational seminars, workshops, newsletters and various events managed by Skinucations. Veronika devotes all of her extra time researching and developing theories and processes to better educate clients.

She is also the creator of "Lusterskin" products. These cosmeceutical products were designed to change your skin condition, safely, effectively and timely. They are natural based and top-of-the-line in today’s skin care technology. Among other innovations, Veronika, being the trailblazer that she is, broke new ground in the skincare industry by changing protocol of treatments and applications.

Veronika is an experienced television personality who is affectionately referred to as “The Celebrity Esthetician”. She’s had several TV appearances and landed 28-episodes on the hot new show "Makeover Manor" on Comcast TV. She is a former staff writer and skincare consultant for the Atlanta Hair Magazine and has been featured in several publications, skincare magazines, TV shows and Radio broadcasts.

A true sower, Veronika believes in giving. She shares her blessings by giving back to the community. She provides complimentary services for Senior citizens, youth groups, religious functions, events and to various organizations that “minister” in beauty.

Veronika J. Hill, LCE
Vee, Inc./Skinucations
678. 330.1299
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